Strategic regional analysis

Tembo helps education agencies plot their assets, resources, performance, and environmental conditions to help understand how student need aligns with resources geographically. Tembo supports the entire analytical process, from data cleaning, to descriptive or econometric analysis, to visualization and reporting.

Why regional analyses?

We often analyze our school data according to how we organize schools: into districts, or based on administrative needs. But schools are situated in unique communities that may not share district or administrative boundaries. Mapping schools in light of their communities ensures a more holistic approach to educational data analysis and strategic planning.

How can Tembo help?

Plot your data geographically: Initially Tembo will work with existing performance and demographic data to help represent it geographically. This can involve custom geocoding and unique visualization solutions to help see your data in space.

Analyze neighborhoods and communities: Tembo can also help analyze and create “environmental” measures that incorporate non-educational data sources to create a more nuanced understanding of the larger neighborhoods and communities that students live or attend school in.

Discover intersections: Most importantly, Tembo can create visualizations and analyses that combine environmental measures with school- or student-level administrative data to discover relationships between those data. These insights can be especially useful in strategic planning, school resourcing, and school support conversations.