School & District Reports

Historically, federally mandated school reporting has been frustratingly bad. States often publish the bare minimum of information, hidden deep within their state websites, and without consideration of the parents and families who desperately want high quality information about their local schools.

At Tembo, we take a different approach. Starting with parent-first design, we provide states with a flexible and cost-effective reporting platform to publish clear and intuitive information to families. These reports allow administrators to comply with ESSA regulations while also translating accountability results into actionable information for students and families.

How can Tembo help?

Tembo provides clients with state-of-the-art school report cards that transform the way data is made available to its public and educators.

First, we create an interactive landing page that allows users to easily search for, and access, school report cards. We can configure this view to allow users to search by name, filter and sort on key categories, or use a map to find a particular school.

From here, users can easily navigate to public web report cards that provide clear, interactive information about how well the state, its districts, and its schools are performing. Each view is built on best practices in the field of data visualization and research with families. Our goal is to create clear, visually engaging reports that tell a story about that school’s data.

Each report card design follow an iceberg approach: we start big picture, with a performance snapshot and highlights, and then if users want to explore additional data or detail, they can. Users can navigate directly to district and/or school report cards or explore performance across a particular measure/metric. Depending on client needs, we can also provide a secure version of the same views, taking into consideration data suppression and user-based views.

Ultimately, we want to provide each key user group – families and the public, educators, and leadership – with clear, concise, and engaging tools for making sense of performance and equity data.

Our Impact

The Council of Chief State School Officers recently released an in-depth case study that details how Louisiana’s Department of Education worked with Tembo to translate their theory of change into an innovative accountability framework and suite of online tools for families and educators.

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