Public Assessment Reporting

Educators and families want meaningful information about their students and schools. One key source of this information comes from summative assessments. However, current assessment reports are poorly designed. They are complicated, dense, and full of jargon. These reports are not made with students, families, and educators in mind. And, frustratingly, administrators do not have an easy or cost-effective way to improve their assessment reports or to customize their assessment reports to their local context.

How can Tembo help?

Over the past three years, Tembo has conducted user research with educators and families to determine best practices in assessment reporting. Drawing from our own research, as well as evaluations available in the field, we know that reports should provide three things: 1) clear, understandable information about how well students are performing, 2) context about students’ performance over time and relative to peers, and 3) recommendations supporting student progress.

Clear reports for the public

With this in mind, Tembo has designed state-, district-, and school-level reports for the public that aim to meet the gaps we see in currently available reports. Clear and accessible reporting is particularly important at a time when many states are transitioning to next generation assessments, and need to explain what the assessment is measuring, how it has changed from past assessments, and how users can use assessment data to answer their own questions about student performance.

In DC, we created an interactive website that allows users to explore results across DC, by local education agency, and by school. The reports are designed to provide a big picture summary across subjects, and then in increasingly detail by student group, assessment, and grade. OSSE and Tembo have also released a secure portal for educators and school leaders that provides granular performance detail at the student-level, by roster, for use in instructional planning.

DC Results is one of the most visual and interactive state assessment websites in the country, and continues to receive praise from families.

Data exploration for educators

In our work, we also see a serious gap in the assessment data reporting for education leaders. When school leaders receive their state assessment results, they are often given a static snapshot of how well their students performed that year.

However, educators want answers to more specific questions. How did my students perform on specific standards or content areas? How did my students progress from last year? Where is the growth? How does my performance compare to other local schools?

We built interactive assessment dashboards so that administrators and educators can explore the specifics of their assessment results. This dashboard is configurable and currently deployed on the Pennsylvania data model.

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