Guided Data Exploration

We know that state and local education agencies are always looking for better ways to share data with the public, educators, and administrators.

How can Tembo help?

DISCOVER is a configurable data dashboard that allows users to explore and act on key performance data. The tool is organized around key data questions, helping guide users through the available data, and helping administrators frame reporting around their own strategic priorities and goal-setting.

The DISCOVER platform is incredibly flexible and allows agencies to customize the way data is organized and reported. In particular, we encourage agencies to think about ways to highlight meaningful data relationships in this tool. For example, a series of guiding questions might explore proficiency data and trends, graduation data and trends, but also the relationships between proficiency and graduation rates.

DISCOVER is well suited for key performance indicator reporting on a semi-annual basis. The tool can be made available publicly for easy exploration, or can be secure with restricted access based on a user’s home school or district.

Our DISCOVER Platform

The flexibility of DISCOVER allows Tembo’s content teams to work with agencies to define the data you want reported, the key questions behind those data, and how to highlight relationships and insights within the data.

User friendly design. We often see data provided to educators and school/district administrators in overwhelming formats: extensive Excel reports, cumbersome tables or Word documents, or online tools that are overwhelmed with filters and menus. Our goal was to keep DISCOVER simple so that your users don’t have to do the hard work of digging for what they are looking for.  

Context is key. The flexibility of DISCOVER allows administrators to present data in a wide range of formats depending on local needs and priorities. The tool is designed to let administrators quickly configure the depth and breadth of data displays, while simultaneously ensuring that each display is presented in a clean, clear, and consistent format.  

What’s our impact?

The Council of Chief State School Officers recently released an in-depth case study that details how Louisiana’s Department of Education worked with Tembo to create a secure data portal for their superintendents and principals using the DISCOVER platform.