Educator Prep Program Evaluation & Reporting

Many states struggle to create transparency and accountability for the multiple teacher training and certification pathways provided to new teachers. Our consultants support states in this endeavor by working to develop and implement statistically sound evaluation frameworks for educator preparation programs.

In addition, we help states to report this information clearly and transparently, building interactive scorecards to communicate results to a broad range of public stakeholders; developing an interactive tools to enable program administrators to use their results for strategic planning purposes; and producing the technical documentation to accompany the release of the scorecards.

How can Tembo help?

In working with multiple state partners to create performance frameworks for educator preparation programs, we approach these engagements in three related ways:

System creation & evaluation. To start, Tembo conducts internal discovery sessions with the state and its stakeholders to create a shared definition of program quality. With these foundations in mind, our team then works to integrate and evaluate clients’ existing data, to define (and refine) metric definitions based on those data, and finally to compute programs’ performance on these metrics. Using this data, consultants at Tembo work with clients to develop and refine a draft accountability framework that 1) achieves the client’s foundational goals, 2) is clear for multiple audiences, and 3) is relevant across diverse preparation programs.

Scoring decisions & testing. In an effort to support the exercise of developing and refining a framework, Tembo provides a short-term license of our online BUILD tool. This tool allows the client’s project team to quickly build draft frameworks; to make scoring decisions like setting points, weights, targets, and floors for each; and to see the real-time results of programs’ side-by-side.

Program Report Cards. The goal of scorecards is to communicate information about program quality to a number of stakeholders: preparation program administrators, superintendents looking for programs to hire from, individuals interested in being a teacher and discerning where they want to train, the public, and policymakers. We use our EXPLORE and FIND product platforms to readily create program report cards that meet local reporting needs. 

Strategic planning calculator. Program accountability is also about continuous improvement. In Tembo’s experience, once education leaders and administrators receive their performance scorecard, the first question is: Where should I focus next? Tembo has created an online strategic planning calculator, FORECAST, that allows administrators to better understand their strengths and weaknesses in scorecard performance. The tool provides scoring detail at the overall, domain, and metric level. Leaders can use this tool to simulate metric improvements.

See some recent work:

Tembo has recently worked with the Tennessee State Board of Education, the Tennessee Department of Education, and the Delaware Department of Education to develop accountability systems, report cards, and interactive data tools exploring educator preparation program quality. 

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