Define & Communicate School Quality.

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Designing and reporting on school quality is a complicated endeavor. After years of working with education agencies to create accountability systems and build tools to communicate results, we have created four products that make it easy for any state or district to do the same. Learn more about BUILD, FORECAST, FIND, and EXPLORE below.

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Tembo Build

Create a Custom Performance Framework Based on What Matters Most.

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Tembo BUILD allows state and district administrators to design a custom performance rubric based on your real data. It’s as simple as uploading a file and making selections. The tool will guide you through key decisions like organizing metrics within domains, handling missing data, and creating weights and other scoring.

As you set scoring decisions, the tool provides a real-time preview of school results and even allows you to compare the results of different frameworks side-by-side. As a result, administrators can quickly understand the trade-offs between competing definitions of quality.

Tembo BUILD has wide applications. To date, state and district administrators have used it to create performance frameworks for both school quality and educator preparation institutions.

Tembo Forecast

Goal Setting. Simplified.

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Good accountability frameworks help school leaders to narrow their focus and work towards concrete and measurable outcomes. Unfortunately, accountability frameworks are often incredibly complex, leaving you unsure about the specific changes you can make to improve your scores.

Tembo FORECAST bridges this gap. This tool lets you view your current accountability score and simulate how changes to specific measures - like improving the graduation rate or attendance rate - would impact next year’s results. It provides real numbers to be used in thoughtful, targeted strategic planning.

Tembo Find

Search for Schools Based on What You Value Most.

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Tembo FIND can provide your community with a clear, accessible way to find information about the schools available to them - free of complicated controls, advertisements, and unnecessary clutter. Allow families to explore schools in their area based on the things they care about, like academic performance, offerings, and transit.

FIND can also be paired with an application and enrollment management system so that families can seamlessly search for, apply to, and enroll in schools.

Tembo Explore

Your Schools Have a Story. Let’s Tell It.

Learn About Tembo Explore

Most school profiles or scorecards these days fall on either end of a spectrum: they are either one-size fits all, or every school is left to create their own content. Tembo EXPLORE is a configurable platform that allows you to personalize public reports based on your specific educational and environmental context. Families can then explore details about schools’ performance and programs, as well as how schools stack up against one another in an accessible, transparent way.

Tembo EXPLORE has wide applications. To date, state and district administrators have used it to create profiles and scorecards for schools, districts, and educator preparation institutions.