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12.01.16 Announcements Press

Tembo creates student goal simulator

Tembo, in partnership with Chiefs for Change and researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, has released a web tool that enables state and district education leaders to set learning goals and measure progress under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The Student Growth Simulator is designed to simplify the ambitious goal-setting process required under ESSA. Under this new education law, states must establish clear goals and interim progress measurements for all students and every student subgroup. The objective is to ensure that the lowest performing student subgroups make the most significant gains in future years.

The simulator tool greatly reduces the calculation and planning burden for state agencies. To use the tool, administrators input their available performance and population data to immediately model potential academic achievement targets for any measure over any time period.

Chiefs for Change issued a press release that included feedback from early users: “’The goal-setting tool from Chiefs for Change and its partners has been an incredibly helpful resource as we model ambitious goals for all students and subgroups in DC. Setting meaningful targets for students is an important part of our accountability framework under ESSA,’ said Hanseul Kang, DC State Superintendent of Education.”

Read the full press release about the tool’s development and use.


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