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03.16.18 Announcements Press

CCSSO case study on school finder & reports in LA

In March 2018, the Council of Chief State School Officers recently released an in-depth case study that details how Louisiana’s Department of Education worked with Tembo and other partners to create a state-of-the-art school finder; online report cards for K12 schools/districts and early education centers; and a data-rich portal for superintendents and principals.

Tembo was a proud partner in this work. The school finder, school reports, and secure portal were built using our FIND, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER product platforms.

The case study is a valuable resource for states as they design and build their ESSA report cards, and prepare for engagement with families and users.

Tembo is working with a number of states this year to build their ESSA and parent reporting, and will be applying the great experiences in Louisiana towards this work.

Read the full case study. 


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